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I miss happiness. It's like I lost my true soul mate.
It used to be with me always,
only leaving me for short periods of time and returning with a big bubbling hug.
Now it is no where to be found.
I've searched everywhere and tried everything to get it back but never once have I succeeded.
Every moment of everyday reminds me that I have lost my dear best friend.
Life is now a hollow clock that never stops ticking away ever so monotonously.

Today was beautiful and that was enough.
I've decided that I need to get over Tyler. So I kind of am. Kind of. I'm just frustrated with life.

Another D on my math test =[[[ I remember when I used to be smart... That was before my ass met matrices, logarithms, and other bullshit I hate.

I love Stephanie and my mommy though. My mom is adorable and does everything to make me happy and Steph reminds me how dumb boys are.

When Tyler enters my brain, this is its new reaction.

Hippo= ME. Wimpy moose-goat-uglyfucker= Tyler.

I want to make out against a wall right now.

Oh and I want this baby. I might go get her soon because I am going out to dinner with my mommykins and will be right next to Macy's.
My pretty.Collapse )

First Winterguard competition ever

My hands shook and covered themselves in moisture while I stook on the floor waiting to hear the "bum-" *count two-three-four-GO!*. I went alright. I did amazing, if I do say so myself. I didn't drop at all and didn't throw for one toss because I was late and it would look awkward. But otherwise I did great. I was proud of myself. We got second place out of seven, so that was nice. Yay for having a good comp.

To help add visual...

Life's good :) fix your problems, igonore what you lack, and embrace everything you have.

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